1. Grid

Allows you to easilly show and hide the grid.

Right Click: Open dialog to setup the grid size. The value you enter is the total count of cells, so you don't have to manually calculate the spacing in UV units.

2. Settings

Open the PolyUnwrapper Settings Dialog.
Note that all PolyUnwrapper settings are stored in a separated .ini file, and are independent from the 3ds Max settings.

Icons Theme

There are two icons theme to match a light or dark interface. If you ever change the UI background color, you should apply the Icons Theme again, so all the icons are rebuild to match the new color scheme.

Default Selection Mode

Define the selection mode used when the Unwrap UVW editor is opened.

Wire Color

Use Fixed Wire Color: Replaces the wire color for all the models in the Unwrap UVW Editor.
Restore on Exit: Restores the original models wire color when you close the Unwrap UVW Editor.

Remember Select Shell

If checked, the "Select Shell" checkbox state will be saved independently for each Selection Mode.

Display Tooltips

Show/Hide the buttons tooltips.

Toolbar Always Undocked

Keep the PolyUnwrapper always undocked.

Dock Toolbar on Restore

Re-dock the PolyUnwrapper Toolbar when the UVW Editor is Maximized and Restored.

Remember Toolbar Position on Exit

Remember the position of the PolyUnwrapper Toolbar when you close the UVW Editor.

The last position used remains until you quit 3ds Max. If additionally "Save Settings on Exit" is on, then it will persist between 3ds Max sessions.

Verify Nodes XForm

Verify if the selected models have been scaled up/down. If they have been scaled, it is convenient to Reset Xform those models before start the unwrapping process. This verification is done when the UVW Editor is opened.

Save PolyUnwrapper Settings on Exit

PolyUnwrapper settings will be saved every time you close the Unwrap editor.

Save Unwrap UVW Modifier Settings on Exit

3ds Max Unwrap UVW modifier settings will be saved every time you close the Unwrap editor.

Disable Error Dialogs

If you enable this option, some error dialogs (that might be annoying under certain circumstances), won’t show up. Instead, the errors will be printed to the MXS Listener.

Collapse Dead Structures

Automatically collapse dead structures in Editable Poly if found (use with caution).

Restore All

Restore PolyUnwrapper settings to factory default.

3. Help/Register/About

4. Dock / Undock

Dock and Undock the PolyUnwrapper Toolbar. You can minimize the Unwrap editor while PolyUnwrapper is Undocked, which is useful in some situations, for example if you are defining Pelt Seams.