1. Generate Report

Generate a quick report of the Used UV Area, Inverted Faces, Overlapped Faces and Tiled Faces.

You need to specify the texture size you will use in order to calculate an accurate value for the Used Area. By default the texture size will be set to the same size used in the Render Tab.

2. Send UV Selection

Send the current Vertex, Edge or Face selection to the Stack. You can send it to either an Edit Poly modifier, the Base Object (if it is a Poly) or to a new Edit Poly modifier that will be added to the top of the Stack. Currently, only works with Poly models and modifiers.

3. Smoothing Groups From Shells

Sets the model Smoothing Groups based on the Shells.

4. UV Randomizer

Randomize the selected Shells Position, Rotation or Scale. The values entered are used as Minimum and Maximum.

Advanced UV Shell Randomizer

Enable Min values

Allows to randomize within a range of values. If it is disabled, a negative Max value is used as minimum.

Absolute Values

Only randomize using absolute values instead of a range of values. For example, if you randomize the X position of the Shells with a Minimum value of -10 and a Maximum of 20, each Shell will move strictly -10 or 20 units in X, and not any value in between.

Allow 0 Value

When using absolute values for randomizing, this option allows the UV Shells to either use the Minimum, Maximum or cero value for the specified transform.


Randomize only in the selected Axis, X(U) or/and Y(V).