Version 2.6.4

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2025

Version 2.6.3

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2024

Version 2.6.2

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2023
- Dropped support for 3ds Max 2014-2015

Version 2.6.1

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2022
- Fixed several minor bugs

Version 2.6.0

+ NEW Added Actions for setting Hard/Soft edges and a Hard/Soft edges Toggle
+ NEW Actions are now Activated/Deactivated with the "Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle" button
+ NEW You can now uninstall the tool from its Help Menu
- Improved startup error handling
- Improved Installer and Uninstaller
- Fixed .NET issue when FIPS is enabled

Version 2.5.2

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2021

Version 2.5.1

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2020
- Fixed bug where assigning Material Colors would crash Max 2020

Version 2.5.0

+ NEW Added Support for top modifiers (experimental)
+ NEW Added Support for Vertex Weights
- Fixed bug closing PolySmoother while previewing would not release the preview channel
- Fixed bug that could save the toolbar position out of screen size
- Fixed set Edges and Verts Weight lower limit to 0.0001
- Fixed Create UVW Shells from Smoothing Groups for objects with dead verts

Version 2.3.0

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2019
+ NEW Optimize Smoothing Groups you can now decide to clear Isolated faces or not
+ NEW Set Hard/Soft Edges you can now decide to clear Isolated faces or not
+ NEW Set Smoothing Groups from UV Shells you can now decide to clear Isolated faces or not
+ NEW Optimize can now work on the selected elements only
+ NEW Previewing Channel can now be forced
+ NEW Support for modifying Edges Weights
+ NEW Support for modifying Edges Crease
+ NEW Colors for single Smoothing Groups can now be customized
- Changed Color Palette has been optimized for 128 colors
- Fixed bug Deleting faces and issuing an undo would throw an exception
- Fixed bug in Set Soft Edges where faces with more than 30 neighbors would fail

Version 2.1.0

+ NEW Select Edges by Convexity now can select both Concave and Convex Edges
+ New optional Angle Range can be provided to Select Edges by Convexity
+ NEW Send Smoothing Groups to a new Edit Poly Modifier
+ NEW Check for Updates
- Improved code to work with Referenced nodes
- Added icons to Select Edge by Convexity buttons
- Fixed "blinking" dialog when opening PolySmoother
- Fixed bug in random seed
- Changed Clean up undo stack when PolySmoother is disabled
- UI redesign

Version 2.0.0

+ NEW Select Convex and Concave edges by angle
+ NEW Create UV Shells from Smoothing Groups
+ NEW Create Smoothing Groups from UV Shells
+ NEW Create Multi-Material from Smoothing Groups
+ NEW Now Smoothing Groups List update selected faces with Key imputs
+ NEW Select all faces using a given Smooth Group Bit
- Improved Callback Mechanics for faster feedback
- Improved Face/List syncronization up to 20 times faster
- Improved Smoothing Groups list autoscroll
- Improved buttons icons now display correct in Max 2017+ all buttons states
- Improved Optimizer automatically switches to level 4 if some elements fails
- Fixed bug in Convert Specified Edges
- Fixed bug in Set Soft wedges where intersected hard edges would get smootheed
- Fixed bug when setting sub-object level to 0 that left the scene redraw in an unstable state
- Fixed bug when enabling caddies would constantly cast events

Version 1.1.0

+ NEW Selected edges are now displayed when Preview Edges is enabled
+ NEW Isolate now works in Vertex and Edge modes too
- Improved Display Edges is now up to 300% faster
- Fixed critical bug that would cause smoothing color to not update on Max 2018 Windows 10
- Fixed blinking edges when first display Hard Edges
- Fixed bug where undoing after disabling PolySmoother could crash Max
- Fixed bug in converting specified edges for some imported models - Fixed several minor issues

Version 1.0.0

- Initial release